Liquid Screed 

KLE Group specialise in the supply and installation of high quality liquid floor screed in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Birmingham and across the Midlands.

Liquid Screed is designed to provide a smooth, level surface prior to the application of floor finishes and is ideal for both commercial and domestic buildings.

It has a liquid-like consistency that allows it to be poured rather than handled and is suitable for all types of floor coverings.

We can lay Liquid Screed bonded, unbounded, or floating and is ideal for using with Underfloor Heating.

What is Liquid Screed?

liquid floor screed.jpg

Benefits of Liquid Screed?

Liquid Screed is often quicker to install than other types of screed,due to the flowing nature of liquid screed which helps make installing it quick and easy.

Liquid screeds are more conductive than traditional screeds and are less voluminous. There is more room for thicker floor insulation which means that a property can enjoy greater thermal efficiency, which means savings on energy bills.

There is no shrinkage with liquid screed so there will be no cracks to the surface once dry, leaving you with a smooth finish.

After 24 hours, liquid screed will be strong enough to walk on. Given its higher tenacity and strength, it can be used in places that have more footfall which is ideal for commercial and industrial projects or projects which have a tight deadline.