Floor Screed Systems

KLE Group are specialists in the installation of both hand applied floor screed and pumped floor screed, within Staffordshire and across the Midlands.

We offer many different screed systems to suit your building requirements, whether you are looking for a screed that is suitable for heavy footfall or a screed to dry more quickly so that floor coverings can be laid sooner or a screed to go over underfloor heating.


Traditional Floor Screed 

We offer many different types of traditional floor screed, also known as sand and cement screed, that we can individually specify to suit the requirements of your project. Whether this be time or strength, we can help and advise you to achieve the best possible solution.

Latex Floor Screed 

This is an alternative to Traditional Floor Screed, when you still need the strength however do not require the thickness. We can offer our knowledge to when this is best suited and to specify the best Latex to meet the requirements of your project. 

Concrete Screed




We cover all aspects of concreting for your required projects. From concrete slabs to a concrete base for a small building. 

Floor Insulation 
We supply and install all types of DPM, Insulation and Acoustic sound matting. Working closely with our suppliers, we have access to all the different types of products needed for any job. We have years of knowledge to advise you on the best suited insulation for your project.