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Are you looking for floor screed specialists in and around Lincolnshire?
KLE Group provide high quality floor screeding solutions to a range of clients for all domestic and commercial projects across Lincolnshire.

KLE Group offer floor screed solutions across Lincolnshire. The areas we cover include Lincoln,
Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Boston, Cleethorpes, Spalding, Skegness, Gainsborough and all nearby areas

Whether you have a commercial building project needing floor screed for high traffic areas or a domestic renovation project that needs a fast drying screed. Our floor screed experts offer our services to all commercial and domestic floor screed projects.

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Fast Drying

Floor Screed

Fast drying screed or Rapid Drying Screed allows for rapid drying of the screed, when it is a tight turnaround project.

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Free Flowing


Flowing screed, also known as liquid screed creates a flowing, liquid-like consistency, that allows the screed to be poured, which is ideal for larger construction projects and for larger floor areas.

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Insulation Under

Floor Screed

We supply and install both thermal and acoustic insulations that form part of a screed system including DPM, Insulation and Acoustic sound matting.

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Floor Screed


Traditional floor screed, also known as standard cement / sand screeds is generally installed as a thick layer to ensure no cracking or shrinkage occurs. It is made up of dry sharp sand, cement and water.

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Floor Screed

Concrete has a much coarser mixture than floor screed and is used across the construction industry for structural purposes, including floor slabs or a concrete base for a small building.

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Underfloor Heating

Floor Screed

If you are installing underfloor heating the pipework will need to be laid into something that aids the transfer of heat. You need a floor screed that will not only allow you to prepare the surface for the finished floor surface, but also act to absorb warmth from the UFH pipework and radiate it into the room above.

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Latex Floor Screed

We supply and install latex levelling screed for easy, quick level floors. Latex screed is a self levelling compound that includes resin to achieve a consistent and level flooring finish on any surface.

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